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Pellet transport system for production cycles

Transport system for the pellet bread oven

In this section we want to present an interesting new intervention that demonstrates the versatility, l’reliability and theAspiroenergy efficiency, our pneumatic transport system for pellets.

coop cooperative

The installation is commissioned by coop cooperative, a leading Swiss company in retail and wholesale. At their headquarters in Castione there is a production cycle of bread making that daily bakes the bread for sale.

The plant, active day and night throughout the week, is powered by pellet burners positioned on 3 3.6 MW ovens. The fuel was stored in an external silos which, by means of a flexible screw conveyor system, conveyed the pellets to the burners.


The customer contacted us because they were looking for an alternative fuel handling system: the transport exclusively entrusted to screw systems was subject to frequent blocks and excessively grinded the pellets, creating sawdust and shavings that are too small for proper and effective combustion.

At the same time, he wanted to expand his factory by activating a fourth kiln to increase production.


We intervened with the aim of providing the customer with a definitive solution through the integration of Aspiroenergy: its features, combined with our experience in custom design, proved to be perfect for responding to both civil and industrial requests, such as the following.


Customized design of an industrial pellet transport system

Layout being designed

After a remote comparison to determine a cost estimate and various possible solutions, we made a free site inspection at the production area in question.

Given the high demand and the complexity of the installation, a special tailor-made project was created, able to dispose of large workloads and above all able to adapt to the conformation of the existing system.


To transport the pellets from the service tank to the different burners we have proposed to the customer of eliminate the flexible auger system in favor of a pneumatic system for transporting pellets, such as Aspiroenergy. Our solution develops as follows:


1. Construction of an extraction pit at the base of the silos. A sturdy 7-meter steel screw conveyor was connected to it to convey the pellets into an intermediate tank inside the building. The auger is activated when the sensor positioned inside the latter detects the lack of pellets.

External view with extraction pit at the base of the silos and long steel screw conveyor

2. Four independent pellet suction lines start from the internal tank, managed by our Aspiroenergy transport system. The pellet travels pneumatically inside the tube until it fills the eight tanks positioned above the ovens (two tanks for each oven).

Auger unloading on intermediate tank and starting 4 pellet suction lines with Aspiroenergy

3. Finally, on the bottom of these tanks there are horizontal augers that extract the pellets and drop it to the burners.

Pellet distribution line to the burners with Aspiroenergy



Aspiroenergy pellet transport system for 4.8 MW production cycle

The customer has expanded the capacity of its plant: following the implementation of the new project it has gone from 3 to 4 furnaces with an increase in power of 1.2 MW.
The production cycle served by the Aspiroenergy system is therefore now powered by 48 pellet burners which develop a total power of 4,8 MW, with the ability to handling up to 970kg / h (maximum consumption).


The replacement of the flexible screw system with the new system Aspiroenergy has brought great benefits to the customer:


  • The system is reliable and fully automated


  • Pneumatic transport does not suffer from blockages because the pellet does not get stuck on the auger


  • The continuity of service is guaranteed for the benefit of productivity


  • He shovels it is not ground by the augers and arrives intact to the burners, ensuring more effective combustion


  • The tubes dedicated to the passage of the pellets follow the perimeter conformation of the environment, avoiding unnecessary clutter and leaving operators ample room for maneuver


  • The drastic reduction of residues and sawdust dispersed in the environment guarantees one healthier and cleaner workspace


Tailor-made products used to supply the production cycle with pellets

  • 1 long tailor-made auger of 7 meters for extracting the pellets from the silos
  • 4 Aspiroenergy transport lines with oversized turbine
  • 1 hanging service tank
  • 4 fall systems with splitter to convey the pellets on the 8 tanks per tower
  • Aspiroenergy automatic filter cleaning kit to ensure constant suction power over time


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