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Solar pellet boiler for home with thermal account

Heating the house with a pellet boiler

The building to be heated is a two-story house in the province of Bologna.

The owner contacted us to replace the old existing biomass system with a latest generation pellet boiler, in order to take advantage of the contribution of the thermal account and increase the efficiency of your heating.

The customer chose to buy a BluCalor pellet boiler because he was tired of the continuous jams, high consumption and routine maintenance required by his old system: his request was therefore to have a state-of-the-art boiler, with characteristics such as to combine the advantages of biomass systems with fossil fuel ones.


Free inspection and consultation at home

The thermal power plant is located in a particularly narrow space: the customer was forced to give up a large tank to install the old boiler and the related connections to the solar panel system.

After having carefully inspected the thermal power plant, we prepared a project to adapt the boiler and the service tank to the available space.
Thanks to the separate mobile tank and the availability of augers of different lengths, it was easy to offer the customer a solution capable of meeting all their needs.


Installation of a new boiler with incentives


Solution with auger of different sizes and separate tank, to adapt to any space

The solar version pellet boiler was equipped with a 270kg tank with long screw in order to avoid compromises: the installation was completed within the day maintaining the existing hydraulic connections and perfectly adapting the new system to the boiler room, thanks to the versatility of the product and the study of a specific positioning draft.

We installed an upgrade kit with a plate exchanger to increase the speed and delivery temperature of the domestic hot water: in this way, the customer was finally able to take advantage of the service bathrooms without encountering problems of insufficient hot water.
The Blucalor E pellet boiler has an internal 160-liter technical water reserve, capable of guaranteeing instant hot water without the need for external accumulations and without a pilot flame.
The burner in fact modulates the power according to the request and necessity until it goes out completely: this detail was particularly appreciated by the customer, accustomed to the old biomass system always on.

We have also installed a silenced compressor, perfect for guaranteeing maximum acoustic comfort without giving up the automatic cleaning system of the Blucalor E pellet boiler.


Thanks to these measures, the management costs and the necessary maintenance have significantly decreased.


The customer could replace the old system biomass and carry out the work enjoying the contribution of the thermal account: in order to obtain it, we have installed thermostatic valves in each radiator and added a wireless chronothermostat for quick and easy control.



Thermostatic valve installation, before and after


The pellet boiler Blucalor E has a incentive coefficient of 1.5: in this case the customer has arrived at save over € 7,000!


Products used for home heating

  • 34kW Blucalor E solar pellet boiler with 270kg tank

  • Weekly wireless thermostat
    The programmable thermostat allows you to program the switching on and switching off the desired weekdays
  • Silenced compressor and accumulation (for automatic and silent cleaning of the burner before each ignition)
  • Domestic hot water enhancement kit (increases the speed and delivery temperature of domestic hot water)


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