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Hot air generator of 350 kW in the province of Brescia

The client

This shed in the province of Brescia is home to a historic company in which they are made, and chippers Mulching machines.
The area to be heated is a 7 meters high environment that includes:

  • 2,000 square meters production area.
  • 1,900 square meters production area.
  • Corridor (where the machine has been positioned) and 1,500 square meters contiguous warehouse.

These three areas cover about 5,500 square meters, for a total of 38,500 cubic meters.

The customer required a of approximately 14-15 degrees.

Photos of the two areas to be heated, subdivided by a wall and connected by a corridor, in which the machine has been positioned

The shed in question was previously heated by an old generator to 500 kW methane hot air, low efficiency: heat not enough in the face of high fuel consumption.

The solution Bluenergy

The areas to be heated are adjacent but separated by a wall: it was decided to design a solution that can cover the entire demand of a single pellet heater.


  • Generator of hot air from 350 kW with 600 KG tank
    Il generatore dispone di potenza sufficiente per riscaldare i due ambienti, in questo caso tramite un plenum di mandata studiato ad hoc per la suddivisione dei flussi d’aria. Il corridoio ed il magazzino restanti vengono comunque riscaldati parzialmente da una terza bocca di mandata, che permette ai mulettisti di operare con confort sufficiente.
    The plenum follows the same functioning of the traditional adjustable vents installed on AirCalor generators: the hot air is thrown within the environment, while the colder air is sucked from the bottom, creating a virtuous flow. In addition, the generator works only when needed and modulates the power according to the needs, by progressively decreasing the delivery up to the total shutdown: in this way it is possible reduce costs and zero waste fuel.


  • Weekly wireless thermostat
    The programmable thermostat allows you to program the switching on and switching off the desired during the week.


  • filter Drawer
    The filter drawer can be used to purify the air that is taken up and accordingly returned to the room from the generator. In addition, also it plays a protective function, suitable to avoid the risk that any foreign matter can be aspirated by the turbine.


Generator of hot air pellet condensing 350 kW with plenum


The benefits achieved

The burner has times of very low ignition and it reaches the required temperatures in less time: this allows the customer to be more effective, working the material under the best possible conditions.
In addition, the machine conforms to the increasingly stringent environmental regulations, developing heat in an environmentally sustainable manner.

The adopted solution allows to heat two different areas with a single generator, placed in a narrow space.

The generator automatically turns off on weekends, rekindling in advance earlier this week, in order to enable staff to operate in a smooth environment since the beginning of turn. This type of setting is customizable to meet your needs, thanks to wireless Weekly programmable thermostat.


used items

  • Generator of hot air pellet AirCalor from 350KW with tank 600KG
  • Weekly wireless thermostat
  • Air accumulation Kit (For automatic cleaning of the burner before each ignition)
  • filter Drawer