Sixth Street Road, 4 / A - 35023 Bagnoli di Sopra - PADUA

single-family house in Venice Cona with automatic pellet boiler

Complete replacement of a traditional boiler with kettle connected directly to a zone manifold with three circulators and managed by three thermostats for the radiator heating.

The ideal solution to not install the bulky puffer (kettle) was BluCalor pellet boiler.

The pellet boiler BluCalor acts as a conventional heating system with radiators also provides domestic hot water as the current and the connection of the pipes remains the same.

In fact in one working day the technical team has performed the removal and installation work and by evening had restored the normal operation of the heating.

The pellet feed chosen is of type CP 600 to 600kg which can ensure in this case, well over 25 days of autonomy in the winter. Cleaning is automatic and simply remove the ash drawer two or three times a year.

Products used:

Pellet boiler BluCalor from 35KWservice tank CP 600