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BluCalor boiler with 600 kg of pellet tank
BluCalor boiler with 600 kg of pellet tank

Tanks for the pellet BLUENERGY

The pellet service tank, available in versions from 160 - 270 - to 600 kg, It is supplied with all BLUENERGY products such as boilers BluCalor, Solar BluCalor, Triplomax and the hot air generators AirCalor.

But it can also be used as a container the pellet to be combined with any type of boiler or pellet stove for greater capacity and functional comfort.

It is made entirely of painted steel, under the lid it is positioned a grid that serves as a support for the emptying of the pellet and as protection to prevent any objects from falling inside the tank.

The tank is supplied with feed auger, which provides the pellets to the burner and is made entirely of high-quality carbon steel for a long duration in time.

CP 160

Capacity 160Kg

CP 270

Capacity 270Kg

CP 600

Capacity 600Kg

Silos in from internal tissue

  • Painted steel structure
  • Extraction Unit compatible with each suction system
  • UV-resistant fabric
  • Wear protection guaranteed by the internal protective coating
  • Fitting Storz 4 "filling, I = 300 mm
  • Control Inspection


Capacity from 2,15 to 7,15t


Capacity from 1,34 to 7,51t


Capacity from 2,76 to 10,51t


Silos in fabric from enterno

  • Painted steel structure
  • PVC cover
  • standard version Sacco
  • of the silo filling pipe

Capacities from 2.3 to 12.8 tons

Availability of sizes and capacities to measure


Polyethylene pellet tank

  • Weather resistant and moisture
  • Made of high-density polyethylene
  • Due to its design characteristics and for the polymer used anti U.V. It does not alter the characteristics of the products inside to changing climatic conditions
  • It protects against ice and rain.
  • UV resistant
  • It equipped with three peepholes to view the internal level
  • Valve for discharge


Capacity 900Kg


Capacity 1250Kg