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Rental pellet hot air generator for 400 m² hangar

The client

This 400 m² shed in the province of Bergamo is an environment with 7 meter high ceilings, in which they are processes carried out on plastic materials. The customer required a temperature of about 18-20 degrees.

The shed at issue era previously heated by a small electric current to hot air generator; despite the reduced power, the cost of ownership is important, however, they revealed: the generator was constantly in operation at maximum power, however without being able to produce a homogeneous and satisfactory heat.

The customer has thus opted for the rental a hot air generator condensing pellets, because it gave him the tranquility of being able to test the car without committing capital.


The solution Bluenergy

The structure to be heated occurs well insulated and rarely open to the outside: for this reason a 35 kW generator proves to be perfectly able to satisfy the requirement.


  • Generator of hot air pellet AirCalor from 35KW with tank 160KG
    The AirCalor launches the hot air within the environment by means of adjustable vents, aspirating at the same time the colder air from below. In addition, the generator works only when needed and modulates the power according to the needs, by progressively decreasing the delivery up to the total shutdown: in this way it is possible reduce costs and zero waste fuel.


  • Weekly wireless thermostat
    The programmable thermostat allows you to program the switching on and switching off the desired during the week.


The benefits achieved

The burner has times of very low ignition and it reaches the required temperatures in less time: this allows the customer to be more effective, working the material under the best possible conditions.
In addition, the machine conforms to the increasingly stringent environmental regulations, developing heat in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Thanks to programmable thermostat, the temperature necessary are adapted and programmed according to the working days: Monday to Friday is maintained the ideal temperature, while on weekends the system turns off automatically, ensuring maximum savings.


In this photo we see the small footprint of the generator, behind which the reservoir 160 KG has been placed.


The customer is able to heat its activity by decreasing consumption: the lower cost of the fuel, combined with a higher yield, It guarantees a return on investment greater than the rental cost (Which incidentally is a fully deductible voice).
This way you can choose to buy the generator subsequently, without putting in the budget 2019 other investments.

Faced with a possible future purchase, the customer has chosen to install a permanent hole in the wall chimney double wall: visible below was made day by our installers.


Detail internal flue and connection to the generator

flue Exterior detail

Chimney double wall Ø 150














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