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pellet hot air generator for heating Serra 400 sqm

The client

This greenhouse of 400 m² in Treviso is an environment that requires constant high temperatures (18 to 22 degrees), as it hosts a growing basil.

Being a greenhouse the dispersions are always high, although this is an isolated structure with double cloth inflated with air.

In this structure, the most plants in the vicinity of the oil were subjected to hot-air generator of the strong thermal shock and the heat inside was not homogeneous, because too hot close to the heat source and too cold in the back of the greenhouse. This problematic ended by compromising the quality of the crop.

In addition, the customer has given us the need for renew its companyWith the aim of making biological and eco-sustainable.


The solution Bluenergy

The proposed solution to this type of request is basic but effective, with quick installation and unobtrusive:


  • Generator of hot air pellet AirCalor from 50KW with tank 600KG

    The AirCalor proves to be particularly effective for the heating of greenhouses: the machine is able to withstand the high humidity present inside the greenhouse and to ensure the functioning over time.
    In addition, the generator works only when needed and modulates the power according to the needs, by progressively decreasing the delivery up to the total shutdown: in this way it is possible reduce costs and zero waste fuel.
    The 50 kW system is more than adequate for the needs of 400 m² greenhouses, like the one in question.


The benefits achieved

The burner has times of very low ignition and it allows to promptly meet the indoor climatic variations given by the presence or absence of solar radiation: the AirCalor generators are designed to obviate the problems given by low thermal inertia plastic structures such as greenhouses.

In addition, the hot air temperature at the outlet can be set to eliminate the thermal shock which compromised the quality of the harvest.


In this photo you can see on the left the AirCalor generator is connected to the chimney. You may notice the delivery nozzles and the grid suitable for the air intake placed on the bottom of the machine. To the right of the tank 600 KG, positioned as desired according to the different needs.



To maintain the necessary temperatures inside the greenhouse the customer used a hot air generator diesel defiscalised: installing this pellet heating system It allowed him to save over 30% the item “cost of heating” annual.