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Hot air generator from 35kW to mechanical workshop from 400sqm

The client

The shed in question is a high structure 7 meters to 400 square meters., Located in Province of Turin.
Inside it is made of precision machining of metals and ferrous materials.

The area was heated by 2 pellet stoves 16 and 20 kW, which were not able to sufficiently heat the environment up to 16 degrees required.
For their operation the customer came to consume 6 pallets of pellets a year.

The customer has been entrusted to ECOEMME Pino Torinese (TO), our reference dealer for the area in question. (

The solution Bluenergy

The environment to be heated does not have structural subdivisions and is averagely isolated: for its requirement is therefore perfectly sufficient a 35 kW hot air generator, with direct launch configuration.

  • Generatore d’aria calda da 35 kW con serbatoio da 270 KG
  • Weekly wireless thermostat
    The programmable thermostat allows you to program the switching on and switching off the desired weekdays
  • filter Drawer
    Il cassetto filtrante permette di purificare l’aria che viene ripresa e di conseguenza reimmessa nell’ambiente dal generatore. Inoltre, svolge anche una funzione di protezione, adatta a scongiurare il rischio che eventuali corpi estranei possano essere aspirati dal ventilatore.

In qualità di rivenditore Bluenergy, Ecoemme ha gestito in autonomia l’intero processo, fornendo al cliente un servizio completo: dal sopralluogo iniziale all’installazione di generatore e canna fumaria.

A left the generator condensing 35 kW mod. Aircalor; A right una vista esterna della canna fumaria.

The benefits achieved

Considering what is required by the customer, the structural conditions of the building and the technical characteristics of the generator, our retailer has proposed to the customer the smallest variant dell'AirCalor Condens.
The machine 35 kW heats efficiently and homogeneous throughout the area in question, fully confirming as envisaged by the calculations carried out during the inspections.

The installation of a generator condensing high efficiency as AirCalor-capacitor has allowed the purchaser to avoid frequent cleaning which was forced by two stoves in his possession. In addition, programmable ignitions ed i remote controls thermostat wireless allow to considerably increase the comfort and enhance the experience of use, ensuring the required temperature since morning.

The machine and the reservoir from 270 kg occupy a surface under 2mq: Savings in terms of space is considerable results with a single generator.

used items

  • Generator of hot air pellet AirCalor from 35KW with tank 270kg
  • Weekly wireless thermostat
  • Air accumulation Kit (For automatic cleaning of the burner before each ignition)
  • filter Drawer