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Renewable Alternative Energy

BLUENERGY for over 20 years designs and manufactures pellet boilers for homes, boilers for the industry, hot air generators for warehouses, plants for production cycles and transport and the pellet storage systems.

Pellet Boiler

Blu Heat E

Pellet boiler Bluenergy series BluCalor E, is a boiler designed and aimed at a domestic use in houses, villas and shops as it produces hot water for heating and domestic hot water.


Pellet boilers Solar

Solar BluCalor

Wood pellet boiler Solar BluCalor It is ideal for homes with underfloor heating and solar thermal panel. The stratified system solar panel allows the strong support of the heating in spring and autumn and during the winter.


Industrial boilers Pellets


Pellet boiler Bluenergy series Triplomax It is designed for plants big dimensions that it requires reliability and total automation. Ideal for apartment buildings, greenhouses, sheds, companies, factories, resorts, gyms, airports and district heating networks.


of Hot Air Generator

Condensate AirCalor

The air heaters with pellet boiler Condensate AirCalor created to meet the heating needs of multiple types of environments. They find wide application for heating greenhouses, warehouses, workshops, farms, sports facilities, industrial halls, warehouses, etc.

transport automated pneumatic pellet system aspiroenergy

Pellets Transfer


The system pneumatic transport of the pellet AspiroEnergy allows to connect the reservoir of the pellet boiler with a main silos and stored where a large quantity of pellets. The system is automatic, draws the pellets from the silos and pours it into the tank to fill.


Pellet Storage

Tanks and Silos

We realize and we supply various types of laid up and silos for the storage of the pellets. Made of metal, plastic or fabric, they are used both outside and inside with varying capacities from 0.16 to 13 tons.

Technologies for Energy Saving


With over 20 years of experience and knowledge of heating systems Pets e industrial, We are committed to providing the best technical solutions to our clients to ensure energy efficiency e economic saving.

Our products are certified UNI EN 303-5 class 5 They benefit from subsidies and tax deductions.